Weasand Sealing Tool

Weasand Sealing Tool – weasand / bung rings, ring expander and rodder systems for sealing the esophagus and anus of slaughtered stock


Weasand / Bung Rings:
Weasand rings are designed for sealing the esophagus of slaughtered beef
Bung rings are designed for sealing the anus of slaughtered beef

Ring Expander:
The ring expander is designed to load the rodder

Weasand Rodder:
The weasand rodder is used for cleaning and subsequent sealing of the weasand on both beef and sheep



Weasand Ring (Beef) I.D. 0.21 in 5 mm
Bung Ring (Beef) I.D. 0.47 in 12 mm
Weasand Ring (Sheep) I.D. 0.10 in 2.5 mm
Material Natural Latex
Ring Expander:
Overall Length 8.3 in 211 mm
Weight 0.58 lbs 0.26 kg
Weasand Rodder:
Overall Length (Beef) 29 in 737 mm
Weight (Beef) 2.7 lbs 1.2 kg
Overall Length (Sheep) 17 in 432 mm
Weight (Sheep) 1.0 lbs 0.45 kg