Stunning Model PAS Concussion Stunner .22R Caliber

Model PAS Concussion Stunner .22R Caliber – For stunning poultry



Power Actuated Concussion Poultry Stunner, 22R caliber, for stunning poultry
Renders stunned poultry insensible to pain, without penetrating the skull
Low cost stunning for chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese
Easy to learn and operate. Perfect for smaller poultry processing operations
Standard safety lock for added operator protection
Easy and quick tool cleaning
Positive retraction of bolt after firing and stunning



Non-Penetrating Shaft Diameter 1.0 in 25.4 mm
Bolt Extension 2.0 in 50 mm
Control Handle Single Trigger Manual Operation
Overall Dimensions (l x d): 12.1 x 2.50 in 307 x 64 mm
Weight 3.25 lbs 1.48 kg