Stunning Model PAS Pistol Stunner – Long Length .25R Caliber

Model PAS Pistol Stunner – Long Length .25R Caliber – For stunning of cattle, hogs, sows, sheep and other livestock


Longer length bolt for deeper skull penetration
Comfortable, ergonomically designed handle
Diverse applications, from smaller to larger sized livestock
Renders animal insensible to pain before slaughter
Simple to use, operate and maintain
Well built, designed for long service life
Different cartridge strengths available depending on usage



Penetrating Shaft Diameter 0.45 in 11.4 mm
Bolt Extension 5.88 in 149 mm
Control Handle Single Trigger Manual Operation
Overall Dimensions (l x w x h): 11.57 x 1.875 x 7.47 in 294 x 48 x 190 mm
Weight 6.65 lbs 3.02 kg