Stunning Model PAS Cylindrical Stunner .25R

Model PAS Cylindrical Stunner .25 – For stunning of cattle, hogs, sows, sheep and other livestock


Low cost stunning of cattle, hogs, sows, sheep and other livestock
Designed to withstand demanding stunning requirements
Powerful penetration; easy to handle with one hand operation
Standard safety lock for added operator protection
Easy and quick tool cleaning
Different power loads available for every application
Positive retraction of bolt after firing and stunning



Penetrating Shaft Diameter 0.45 in 11.4 mm
Bolt Extension:
Standard Length 4.75 in 121 mm
Long Length 5.80 in 147 mm
Control Handle Single Trigger Manual Operation
Overall Dimensions (l x d):
Standard Length 14.40 x 2.13 in 366 x 54 mm
Long Length 15.40 x 2.13 in 391 x 54 mm
Standard Length 6.50 lbs 2.9 kg
Long Length 6.85 lbs 3.1 kg