Oil Gland Cutter Model OGC

Oil Gland Cutter OGC – Pneumatically powered oil gland removal system for chickens, fowl, and turkeys



The Model OGC is the most precise tool for oil gland removal – an exact cut ensures no excess material is removed, therefore increasing yield
Easy to use – reduces the need for skilled labor
Lightweight – only 2 lbs (0.9kg) and can be balancer hung, removing all burden from the operator
Constructed of corrosion resistant materials for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene
Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety
Minimal training required



Operating Pressure (maximum) 90 psi 6.1 bar
Air Consumption 14.6 ft 3 / min 0.41 m 3 / min
Capacity Limited by operator skill (avg. 3000 / hour)
Control Handle Single Trigger
Overall Length 7.5 in 191 mm
Chicken 1.86 lbs 0.84 kg
Turkey 1.92 lbs 0.87 kg