Horn & Hock Cutting Model 30CL

Model 30CL – ABC hydraulic powered aitch bone cutter – For beef


Cuts beef aitch bones cleanly and effortlessly
Allows a single operator to separate the aitch bone of 370 carcasses per hour
Powerful, lightweight and maneuverable
Reduces the operator fatigue associated with knife or cleaver opening of the aitch bone
Reduces contamination created in the bung area
Robust stainless steel construction for best possible hygiene and low maintenance
Anti-tie down controls for operator safety
Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene



Cutting Force 9900 lbf 44 kN
Cutting Cycle Time 1.5 sec
Control Handles Air / Dual Anti-tie Down 50 psi 3.4 bar
Blade Opening 5.5 in 140 mm
Overall Length 45 in 1143 mm
Weight 62 lbs 28 kg
Hydraulic Power Unit
Motor Power 5 hp 3728 W
Operating Voltage:
460 / 230 V 3 phase 60 Hz other voltages and 50 Hz available
Hose Length 16 ft 5 m
Flow Rate 5.0 g/min 18.9 L/min
Oil Viscosity @ 1000 F/400 C 200 SUS 46 ISO
Oil Capacity 20 gal (76 L)
Overall Dimensions l x w x h: 31.5 x 25.4 x 28 in 800 x 645 x 711 mm
Weight (without oil) 250 lbs 113 kg