Carcass Splitting Model Buster IX

Model Buster IX electrically powered bandsaw – For splitting beef, pigs and horses


Used for splitting beef, pigs and horses
Superior designed external and internal spray plumbing system:
Reduces rate of organic material accumulation within saw housing
Prevents build-up of central nervous system proteins on saw blade
Reduces miss – splits
Suited for hot and cold water spray
Eliminates need to immerse saw for stationary hot water sterilization
Built to CE specifications and approved to all European standards
Available in all voltages



Motor Power 3.3 hp 2500 W
Operating Voltage: 380-415 / 230 42 V 3 phase 50 Hz
480 / 380 / 240 208 V 3 phase 60 Hz
Capacity 180 / hour
Control Handles Electric Dual Anti-tie Down 12 V
Distance Between Guides 19.75 in 502 mm
Blade Length 127 in 3226 mm
Overall Length 57 in 1448 mm
Weight 218 lbs 99 kg