Breaking Saw Model SHC 165

Model SHC 165 – hydraulic powered general purpose breaking saws




The right or left handed SHC 165 with a 2 in (51 mm) cutting depth
Lightweight with hydraulic power – no bogging down, no motor icing, low noise and vibration
Heavy duty gears made to withstand all uses in the packing plant industry
Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction for optimum hygiene
Lever style adjustable depth gauge for precise depth control cutting
Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety

Common applications

Ideally suited for:
Beef: Breaking forequarters and beef plates, also hot and cold ribbing
Pork: Ham and shoulder marking, ribbing and chine bone removal


Motor Power 2.5 hp 1865 W
Blade Speed at 3.5 gpm 2725 rpm
Control Handle Single Trigger Pneumatic
Blade Diameter 6.5 in 165 mm
Cutting Depth (maximum) 2.0 in 51 mm
Overall Length 16.5 in 419 mm
Weight 7 lbs 3.2 kg
Vibration less than (<) 100 dB <0.1 m / sec2
Noise (one meter from tool) 87 dB
Hydraulic Power Unit:
Motor Power 5 hp 3728 W
Operating Voltage 460 / 230 V 3 phase 60 Hz
all voltages 50 Hz available
Hose Length 16 ft 5 m
Oil Capacity 20 gal 76 L
Oil Flow Rate 3.5 gpm 13.2 Lpm
Overall Dimensions (w x l x h) 28 x 23 x 28 in 711 x 584 x 711mm
Weight (without oil) 225 lbs 102 kg